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What is a Rack Cabinet?

Rack cabinet is a metal support designed to house the electronic, computer and telecommunications equipment required by current installations. The measures for the width are standardized so that they are compatible with the equipment of virtually all manufacturers.

They usually have removable sides, glass or metal doors. There are models of floor or wall models and have a variety of accessories to facilitate the subsequent installation of equipment.

Dimensions of Rack Cabinet.

The technical specifications of a standard rack are under the equivalent standards DIN 41494 part 1 and 7, UNE-20539 part 1 and 2 and IEC 297 part 1 and 2, EIA 310-D and have to comply with RoHS environmental regulations. Externally rack cabinets have a standard width of 600 and 800 millimeters (mm).

Conversely, the depth is not normalized by what are the market devices themselves, those that limit them, on our website  you can find different options in depths of 600, 800, 900, 1000 and 1200mm.

As for the unit of measurement of internal height of the rack (U) cabinets, they are divided into groups of 1.75 inches in height (44.45mm). In each grouping there are three holes that follow a symmetrical order. This region is what is called height or U. They are separated by 450.85mm (17.75 inches) and make a total of 482.6mm (exactly 19 inches). Each column have holes at regular intervals called unit rack (U), grouped in threes. Vertically, the height of the racks is normalized, it is normal to exist from 4U in height to 47U in height.

Why buy Rack cabinets?

They are usually used in places that need to host a large number of devices, such as data processing centers and companies and where space is limited. Normally, to install servers, switches (switches) and patch panels, as well as the wiring of an office or company that needs to be centralized and distributed in an orderly and controlled manner.

All equipments to be installed slides on horizontal rails and is fixed with screws, known as rack profile. They can have trays and supports that can support other less standardized devices, such as monitors, keyboards or other systems of greater volume and weight.

Our commitment to work and recommendation is to acquire fully assembled 19" rack cabinets. It may seem less profitable, but in most cases in the short and medium term we will save a lot of time, and eventually money.

Assembling rack cabinet is an operation that requires time, precision, adequate tools, a sufficiently large space (greater the larger the dimensions of the cabinet) and, above all, trained personnel. Professional installers have it clear and therefore always request mounted cabinets.

IT Hardware Shop - Rack cabinets distributor.

We specialize in sales of hardware / infrastructure for data networks, such as 19" rack cabinets, 19" wall mount rack, rack trays, panels, rack guides, patch panels, wiring distribution rings, 19" rack power strips, ventilation units to facilitate cooling of equipment and all kinds of cheap and high quality rack accessories. We distribute throughout Europe and the rest of the world with very competitive prices, we have a large stock and an extensive variety of models of rack cabinets for different uses: Data Center, CPD, Servers, Cabling, Telecommunications and Operators.


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