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Refurbished computers in IT Hardware Shop.

Why should you buy a refurbished computer? Refurbished is another word for renewed. The refurbished computers are computers that have been 'used' and then, are been tested for any default and now are back on the market for reselling. A lot of these 'used' computers are actually hardly used at all. Many of these 'used' computers are returned within a month after purchase.

Why are these computers returned so fast? Mainly because of customer remorse, this is when a customer regrets the purchase and returns it within 30 days. These computers cannot be sold anymore. The manufacturer of these computers is not able anymore to sell these devices as new. These computers will go through a strict inspection. These computers are now on the market as refurbished computers.

At IT HardwareShop we call second-hand computers or laptops "refurbished" when the product goes through the following process (they can be desktops, touchscreens, ultrabook laptops or even Microsoft's Surface):

1. Hardware test: the hardware test is being done to ensure that the components are working, these are the motherboard, RAM, keyboard, screen (and touch in the case this is applicable), network, WIFI, DVD, etc.

2. Replace any defective part.

3. Replace any broken plastic, cracked hinge, a broken latch, etc.

4. We cleaned the hard driven and installed a new copy of the operating system

5. We clean and prepare the laptop to send it to the buyer

There is no doubt that buying a refurbished computer or laptop is the perfect way to get a high-end computer at a great price, without having to spend hundreds or thousands of euros. We offer the best quality-price ratio available. In this way, you can enjoy an almost new product with a 1-year warranty. In our online store, you can find several offers of laptops and refurbished surfaces of different brands such as HPE, Dell, Microsoft etc.


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