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At IT Hardware shop we offer the best options to buy refurbished/ second-hand iPhone to those who know more about Apple's iOS. iPhone is one of the most popular smartphones nowadays. In the year 2017, nearly 217.000.000 Apple iPhones devices were sold.

The popularity of this smartphone is due to their operating system, the iOS. The iOS is an operating system specially made for Apple devices. Devices from other brands, such as Samsung, are not able to work with iOS. The iOS keeps developing and is now offering everything any individual or business, be it a start-up or big brand, needs. The iOS app store has approximately 1.5 million apps available.

The second-hand devices are reviewed by our technical team, subjected to a severe quality control, performing internal tests of most components and visual verification of the external status of the iPhone. Only the devices that pass all the tests are put on sale.

There are many advantages when buying a refurbished iPhone at IT Hardware Shop.

1. Price: You will save between 40% up to 70% of your money

- At IT Hardware Shop we possess over a team that carries out the process of refurbishing the Apple devices. We always keep an eye on detail. By refurbishing the iPhone ourself we can keep the price low but the quality high.

2. Warranty: Every refurbished and second-hand iPhone comes with 1-year warranty.

- When buying a refurbished or second-hand iPhone, we offer you a warranty for 1 year. With this warranty, we cover the repair of your refurbished/ second-hand iPhone.

People tend to ask: how is second-hand or refurbished product found? Are they used laptops, smartphones and tablets, with several problems and little capacity? Nothing is further from reality, companies specializing in refurbishing mobiles such as IT Hardware Shop, reach for very high qualities and conditions similar to the manufacturers. IT Hardware Shop also offers the latest mobile models, but for a more affordable price. This can lead up to savings of 40% to 70%.

When you want to buy a refurbished iPhone at IT Hardware Shop, keep in mind that we have different grades of refurbished iPhones.

GRADE A: In perfect condition, limited use of the phone, with marks of use or small imperfections not visible to the naked eye. Includes original or compatible accessories.

GRADE B: Lightly used, with visible marks of use or damage but which in no way affect the performance of the device. Includes original or compatible accessories.

GRADE C: Remarkably used, with marks of use or significant damage but which in no way affect the performance of the device. Includes original or compatible accessories.

Buying a refurbished iPhone online is an easy and quick way to have the mobile of your dreams at home. The satisfaction guarantee is very high and the 24/72 hours fast service is a great advantage that users can enjoy IT Hardware Shop


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